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Sem-Tec, Inc. is New England based supplier servicing the Ball Valve Industry.

Servicing, Manufacturing, Inspection in the Ball Valve Industry Since 1955

Mission Statement

Sem-Tec, Inc. has been servicing the ball valve industry since 1955. We manufacture valve balls in many different metals and in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 40" in sphere diameter. We offer quality, reliability, low cost and above all, superb service

We continuously adapt our production processes to meet customer demands.

To ensure our role as a prime supplier, it is important for us to maintain our delivery schedules, whether you place a blanket order for a year's supply or you place an order for a one-time purchase.

Quality control is our highest priority, in-process inspection is completed at every phase of the manufacturing process. All completed products are 100 % visually inspected prior to shipment. Our objective is to ensure a one-way shipment to our customers with 100 % acceptance on the receiving end.

Our professional sales staff will service your requirements from quotation to delivery. Technical assistance available upon request